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Wollongong City Council

Coastal Zone Management

Wollongong has around 60km of coastline, from the Royal National Park in the north to Lake Illawarra in the south. This includes beaches, dunes, cliffs, headlands and rock platforms.

Our coast faces many hazards like extreme weather and ocean conditions, erosion and the effects of climate change.

We’ve prepared a Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) to help protect our coastal areas for current and future generations.

The CZMP is based on years of research, advice from the NSW Government, and input from our community. The plan includes a list of priorities and actions we’re taking to address challenges on our coast.

You can read the CZMP documents below, and use our online map to see Coastal Zone Study information.

We also have a plan for managing our dunes, which supports the CZMP.

In early 2022, Council began the scoping of the new Wollongong Coastal Management Program (CMP). This will replace the CZMP when it is finished. To learn more about the stages and development of the CMP or provide feedback, visit the Our Wollongong website.

Stage 1 Documents

Type Name File Size
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Study-Volume-1-Figures-Part-1.pdf 28.0 MB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Study-Volume-1-Figures-Part-2.pdf 12.5 MB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Study-Volume-1-Figures-Part-3.pdf 23.0 MB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Study-Volume-1-Main-Report.pdf 936.2 KB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Study-Volume-2-Appendices-Part-2.pdf 11.7 MB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Study-Volume-2-Appendices.pdf 23.7 MB

Stage 2 Documents

Type Name File Size
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Management-Plan-Management-Study.pdf 39.3 MB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Management-Plan-Management-Study-Appendices.pdf 34.4 MB
PDF File Coastal-Zone-Management-Plan-Implementation-Action-Plan.pdf 14.1 MB