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Wollongong City Council

Mullet Creek Catchment

The Mullet Creek Catchment takes in parts of Farmborough Heights, Dapto, and the wider West Dapto area.

Map of Mullet Creek Catchment PDF, 1926.67 KB

Until 2010, this catchment was grouped with the Brooks Creek catchment.

The Southern Area Floodplain Committee provides advice to Council about issues in the Mullet Creek Catchment area.

A Flood Study and Floodplain Risk Management Plan for Mullet and Brooks Creek were completed in 2010. In 2011 we extended the Mullet Creek Flood Model.  You can read these older studies in the Documents section of this page.

The Mullet Creek flood model was updated between 2015 and 2018. You can read the latest information about this catchment on the SES Flood Data Portal.

Current Works and Projects

There are currently no works in this catchment

Planning matrix

We’ve added a matrix for the Mullet and Brooks Creek catchments into Chapter E13 of the Wollongong Development Control Plan PDF, 1824.81 KB. This helps people understand flood risks when they’re planning new development in the area.

Kanahooka Road drainage improvements

We’ve developed plans for a flap gate to be installed on a pipe below Kanahooka Road, south of the roundabout. Minor drainage works are also planned to reduce flooding of nearby dwellings.

Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive

Detailed plans have been completed for a new link from Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive. Work is underway and expected to be finished in 2020. You can read more about this work on our project page.

You can help our research and planning for floods in this catchment by sharing your past experiences.

If you have photos or other information about flooding on your property, please email us or post information to the mailing address in the footer of this page.