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Wollongong City Council

Other Event Plans

Events come in all different shapes and sizes.

For large events, each of the plans detailed below will need to be individually prepared and submitted.

For small scale events we recognise that the details will be different, and this information can be summarised in your Event Operations / Management Plan.

Your Event Overview should include the following details:

  • Event name
  • Date/s and operating times
  • Venue
  • Style or genre of event
  • Audience demographic
  • Proposed attendance numbers
  • Organiser's contact information
  • A detailed site schedule from first bump-in to last bump-out.

If you are holding an event of 5,000 people or more, we require you to consider the traffic impact of your event on the area.

Consider the impact of your event on access for businesses in the immediate vicinity, the general public and residents, in addition to people attending your event.

Authorised traffic control and management plans must be submitted with your application for consideration by Council's Traffic Committee, and recommendation to Council. This process has a minimum 8-week turnaround, so please make sure you factor this time in.

Note: If your event requires any road closures, an additional fee will be charged for the Special Roads Act Permit, which includes presentation of your event to the Traffic Committee for approval, and possibly to Transport for NSW for a Road Occupancy Licence. This process can take significantly longer.

This may not be so important for small events, but for some of the bigger ones we need to know how patrons are getting to and from your event.

For smaller events it may be more appropriate to provide a Pedestrian Access Plan.

The Transport Access Plan should detail:

  • Patron movement to and from the event
  • Public transport usage
  • Additional buses if required
  • Provision for all access requirements
  • Parking requirements
  • Shuttle and ride share service allowances
  • Any additional information as required in ensuring the safe movement of patrons to your event.

We will need to see a plan of how surrounding residents and businesses will be notified of your event with detailed dates, times and impacts.

This will need to be provided with a suggested distribution map.

Some venues have commercial businesses operating on or near the site. We suggest you chat with those businesses before lodging your application and consider incorporating ways to reduce impacts on these businesses in your application. You will need to provide evidence of their acknowledgement at the time of application.

This is only required for events where alcohol is available.

If your event involves liquor, please supply a copy of your Security Management Plan. This should be prepared in conjunction with local Licensing Police, NSW Health and NSW Ambulance to ensure all concerns are addressed before lodgement.

The Plan should also include an Emergency Management Plan, which details emergency evacuation procedures and an Alcohol Management Plan.

An application should also be lodged with NSW Department of Customer Service – Liquor Gaming and Racing.

You are required to supply a Risk Management Plan that identifies all the potential risks that may arise from holding your event, and steps identified to mitigate such risks.

External risks are also required to be identified and noted.

A detailed Medical / Health Plan is required for larger events.

For large music festivals this should include self-assessment against the NSW Government Guidelines for Music Festival Organisers: Music Festival Harm Reduction.

Details of how your event will manage operations within current NSW Government guidelines around COVID safe events, and your plan to seek exemptions for your event if required.

A detailed Emergency Management Plan is required for all larger events.

This should include scenario planning for a range of emergency situations, and evacuation plans.

A detailed Noise Management Plan is required for all large music events.

This should include details of noise mitigation strategies, how you will monitor noise levels, and complaints management throughout your event.

A detailed Waste Management Plan is required for all events.

This should include details around provision of bins, cleaning onsite and in the surrounding areas.

A copy of your Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $20 million, which lists Wollongong City Council as a noted party.

When all your plans are ready, see our Application Process page for a guide to lodging your event application with Council.