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Wollongong City Council

Preparing Your Site Plan

You will need to attach a Site Plan with your event application.

The Site Plan needs to include any of the following that apply to your event.

  1. Stage layout and location (including multiple options if possible) of seating.
  2. Lighting height, structure, shielding and direction.
  3. Speaker location and anticipated sound direction / dispersion.
  4. Electricity supply points and the number and type of power supply / generator locations. Please contact Council to determine the location of power outlets available for your event.
  5. Locations for marquees, tents and stalls.
  6. The location and number of toilets and hand washing facilities.
  7. The positioning of temporary boundary and delineation structures (fencing), entry and exit points, and ticketing box.
  8. The location and number of waste bins and associated waste facilities.
  9. Fresh drinking water supply.
  10. Firefighting equipment.
  11. Permanent emergency access and egress, and circulation path for emergency vehicles.
  12. Emergency assembly area(s).
  13. Security stations and security patrol areas (if applicable).
  14. Location of agency operations units such as Ambulance and Police (mostly applicable to music concerts and festivals).
  15. COVID-related mitigation items, such as QR codes and hygiene stations.
  16. Traffic impacts, such as shuttle service areas for park and ride, as well as transport links together with emergency access points (mostly applicable to large events 5,000 people and over).
  17. Location of waste bins and other sustainable activities and infrastructure within your event.
  18. The parked location of vehicles essential to the operation of the special event, such as food vending vehicles, emergency and safety vehicles, and portable stage trailers. Where it is essential that vehicles remain on landscaped areas, they are to be parked so as not to obstruct access and movement routes. Damaged or compacted landscaped areas are to be restored at the expense of the event organiser.
  19. Smoke free zones - in accordance with NSW legislation and Council’s Smoke Free Policies.
  20. Event signage layout.

Please also see our information on Other Event Plans you may need to include with your application.