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Wollongong City Council


“Define what is normal”

I have cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. When I was little, I wore callipers and always long socks.

I don’t tell people I have a disability, and if you saw me walking down the street you wouldn’t see my disability.

I love music and my guitar. The person that got me interested in music is my friend Johnny Spitz, the best wedding singer in Australia. I also have a guitar signed by Murray Cook from the Wiggles. I wrote a song while flying back from Geelong… ”Time comes and goes either way, through darkness to stormy days. I got time to have a play, time comes and goes either way…”.

Since 2004 I have been an ambassador for the KitzWish Foundation. One of my best memories was singing “You Raise Me Up’ with Guy Sebastian at the Win Stadium when I was eight.

People should stop and think what it is like to have a disability. It’s not like a cough or coronavirus, you can’t get rid of it.